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AASRA Relief is working in the field of community and social development. AASRA Relief is federally registered in Canada as a non-profit organization (Registration No. xxxxxRR0001) and since 2023 it is working on building its reputation through our community welfare work specially working on projects to help take care of orphans and needy all over the world.

AASRA Relief is dedicated to reaching out at home and abroad through a wide range of aid and rehabilitation projects; in particular, we endeavour to respond effectively to victims of natural disasters, wherever they occur.

Mission Statement

AASRA Relief is committed to serving humanity through the effective collaboration and utilization of resources to help people in need. We strive to provide timely response in times of disaster, and to implement programs that alleviate human suffering.

Vision Statement

AASRA Relief is committed to providing leadership in the empowerment of lives of orphans and needy, thru creation of educational and social opportunities, and strengthening the bonds that link all of humanity.